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Wading through all the hearing aid manufacturers and features can be intimidating. At Audiocare, we feature the EarQ brand of hearing instruments, which offers top technologies from a variety of manufacturers. If for some reason a needed technology is not available through EarQ, we have access to a full spectrum of technologies and styles offered in the industry, including but not limited to:

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We'll use our knowledge and expertise to match your specific hearing needs with the most appropriate technology to achieve the best possible performance. As part of our process, we will discuss with you the most pressing hearing concerns you and your family have, your current living situation, and the activities and social situations in which you find yourself. We will also consider any vision or dexterity issues you may have that may influence the selection of the type of hearing instruments that would be most appropriate for you.

Hearing aid styles

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Today's Hearing Technology

Most current hearing aid technologies are designed to work automatically, monitoring your sound environment (over 500 times per second) and making adjustments to ensure good sound quality and comfort as you move from one sound environment to another. In most cases, there is no need to push a button or turn a dial to hear well in different listening situations.

Available advanced features include:

  • Automatic monitoring of the sound environment, with automatic adjustment of amplification to optimize speech understanding and comfort
  • Automatic adjustment for best telephone performance without feedback ("whistling")
  • Direct telephone listening, providing the phone signal through the hearing aids with both ears for better understanding
  • Automatic coordination of left and right hearing aids to improve understanding in noisy situations
  • Manual volume adjustment override if required for unique listening situations
  • Rechargeable instruments in Mini RIC and BTE styles
  • "Made for iPhone" and "Android" instruments that allow you to "stream" calls, music and audio directly from your smartphone
  • Adjustment of hearing aid settings for optimal listening through iPhone or Android cell phone apps, or through use of a remote control
  • Wireless reception of television or music

Good Battery Habits

For standard (disposable) zinc-air batteries:

  • Wait 5 minutes after removing the "activation sticker" before placing a new battery in the hearing aid. This will allow time for the chemical reaction required to ensure the maximum service. You may get an additional day or two from your battery!
  • Place the sticker from the battery on your calendar to allow you to know how long your batteries last
  • When your hearing aid requires a new battery, change both as the drain and use time should be approximately the same.
  • Batteries are toxic! Be sure to keep them away from children and pets and separate from medications.
  • Modern hearing aid batteries do not need to be refrigerated and should not be stored in a metal container. Store in a cool, dry location.

For rechargeable hearing aids:

  • Place the hearing aids in the charger as instructed each evening, allowing them to recharge overnight
  • Some instruments have a removable battery, allowing you to replace the rechargeable battery with a standard disposable zinc air battery if desired. Be sure not to mix these up. If you place a hearing aid with a standard zinc air battery in your charger, it can cause severe damage to it (and this is not covered under the warranty)
Hearing aid battery insertion

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